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Not the best role model

November 28, 2010

I wish I could claim that it was  in the interests of science that I have done just about everything you’re NOT supposed to do when you get a cold.  In reality, it’s just because I’m ridiculously stupid and more than a little self-destructive.  To sum up this string of bad decisions, once I realized I did have a cold (which usually takes me a full day to accept), I didn’t cancel my holiday  plans, spent two days at my friends’ home in Williamsburg, talking, drinking, staying up late, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and then came back home so I could spend the next afternoon catching up with another friend.  A week has gone by and guess what?  I’m sicker than a dog.  The cold has turned into laryngitis with sinusitis and bronchitis looming ominously on the horizon.  What was I thinking?

I could offer any number or rationalizations and justifications, but the bottom-line is that I know better.  I’ve had bronchitis twice before and sinusitis on another occasion, and they’re perfectly avoidable once you accept that to do so you need to keep yourself hydrated.  That’s pretty much all you need to do.  But this week I couldn’t be bothered.  It’s as if I became a rebellious teenager, turning explosively sullen when the idea of saying no to a drink or two popped up or of refusing to just listen to my friends’ conversations rather than joining in.  I seemed to inwardly be whining, “Everyone else gets to drink” or “No one else is sick.”  My short-sightedness has made me unable to talk on the phone and now frantically performing neti pot- like operations on my dried out sinus membranes every few hours, homemade saline solution streaming down my face, praying that I can somehow turn the tide on my cold’s progression and not resort to taking antibiotics.  It seems as if I’ve become a small-scale example of a worse-case scenario involved in single-payer healthcare:  someone willfully oblivious to their own self-care allows the situation to turn catastrophic and then comes in for (more expensive) treatment.  If I could keep more than one thought in my mind, I’d remember this in the future.