What a Difference a Day Makes

One terrific thing about having a blog nobody reads is that you can confess a certain amount of eccentricities.  While I’m overwhelmingly rational in my worldview, another side of me believes in a higher intelligence.  I don’t see this as necessarily spiritual in the way, for instance, organized religion serves it up; rather I just take it for granted that there’s a whole lot I don’t know, not simply factually but emotionally.  This deduction isn’t any big leap logically since time and time again it has been proven both on a large and small scale. 

To access this reservoir of wisdom that seems to surround me the way albumen surrounds a baby chick, I rely on tools like astrology and the I-Ching.  I’m not like Nancy Reagan, unable to make a move unless the stars say so, but when I feel life is spooling out in a remorseless line from birth to death, it’s comforting to be reminded that we all get more than one chance to learn what it is we need to learn.  The I-Ching and the Tao Te Ching also see the universe not as linear but as constantly in motion from one pole to another, cycling from yin to yang and back.  (Because I’m astonishingly lazy, I especially like that the Tao values the motionless mover.) 

The Well, Hexagram 48

In the last month I’ve begun to work on a new project that I hope will continue to grow and nourish me for the next year or more.  Even in these first few weeks of research I’ve been reminded of some valuable information about myself.  In my rush to get something accomplished, especially after having been so minimally productive for too long, I can easily spend hours researching to the detriment of my physical and emotional health.  But this approach doesn’t work in the long run.  My body announced as much two weeks ago when I first got sick, and the I-Ching echoed this the other day.  In my toss of the coins, I arrived at Hexagram 48, The Well.  The well is sustaining, progress will occur, but one must be patient. 

In some ways, the astrological energy behind today’s (12/5) Sagittarian new moon seems to contradict this.  Like it’s ruling planet, Jupiter, Sagittarius is about expansion, an energy that makes sense when you consider that Thanksgiving and the run-up to Christmas take place during the Sun’s journey through this sign.  We eat too much, we party too much, we spend too much, celebrating on the threshold of winter’s arrival.  But to expand, one must have a well of resources; otherwise no progress will be permanent.  Again it is the yin and yang, the relation between what we’ve already learned and what we need to learn, what we have and what we desire.  After a day of feeling restricted by body and mind, I awoke this morning feeling possibility in the air.  This is the flow of life, not something that need  be drained, but something that can be recycled, restored, renewed. 

There are healing messages all around;  may you hear those that revive you.

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