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On moving

October 21, 2011

In the midst of it all, I told myself I would write a blog that would provide helpful and clever tips on how to move.  Now I can’t remember a single one.  I’ve long maintained that the body and mind’s ability to forget pain is an important survival mechanism.  Only by forgetting what a horrible experience moving is can we be fooled into moving again and again.

As I explained my predicament to people over the past month, many maintained that they planned never to move again.  One woman’s last move, she told me, would be “on to glory.”  While it’s understandable, I find such intransigence worrisome.  Who’s going to clear out all the stuff these people have accumulated?  Sticking around one small apartment for only 3 years, living within very modest means and consciously not purchasing much, I still managed to accumulate more than I cared to handle, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Think of all attics and basements and abandoned childrens’ rooms currently storing possessions and the children — now adults with busy lives of their own — who will be left to sort them all out.  When I was doing census work, I came across 2 houses, empty since the deaths of their elderly owners but full of stuff that their descendants hadn’t addressed.

Gloomy prognostications about our cultural drift aside, my new place is everything I would wish for (except the thin walls twinned with the neighbor who watches TV nonstop, and the other neighbor who takes cigarette breaks outside the building’s door leaving the stale scent to linger).  My cats are kind of adjusting to life lived almost entirely indoors, and on fine mornings, I walk 7 blocks to my favorite job.  One day, in the midst of the hell of moving, I forced myself to stop and be thankful for these blessings — a sweet apartment, loving friends and feline companions, and satisfying work.  That’s a lot to feel grateful for.