March Morel Madness

which has more creases -- the mushrooms or my hands?

Spring is so forward this year that I found these small morels almost 2 weeks earlier than I’ve ever found morels before.  Unfortunately, it’s also very dry, so unless we have a string of cloudy days and some gently soaking rains, there might not be many morels for Albemarle County hunters.

Morels are funny.  Minutes before I found my first one, I reminded myself of the joy I always experience finding it, of how beautiful it would be.  While it’s nice to find many, finding even one makes me feel privileged, as if the spirit of the forest was trusting me with her treasures.  Hours later and I still feel celebratory.

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One Response to “March Morel Madness”

  1. Don Says:

    It’s so funny how much joy is there in finding that FIRST morel of the season. And how hard it is to find that first one. After that first one, the rest become a lot easier to ferret out I’ve found.
    Other than the damned ticks (I absolutely loathe them), the only downside to mushroom hunting is that there is always the possibility of driving oneself mad.
    The madness comes from the nearly always occuring event of hiking back to your car along the same path you took in to the woods and your favorite spots and finding mushrooms you missed on the way in. It starts the almost inevitable thought process of “Jeezus, how many have I walked past or missed today?” At least for me. So I have to rechannel all of that into being glad at how many I did find, and immerse myself in the glory of being in the woods.

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