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Postcard from Yellowstone

May 28, 2016

Souvenir Folder (postcard) of Yellowstone National Park; Sent August 12, 1916

Yellowstone is incredible. I’ve seen bison, elk (one buck with velvety new antlers laid down by the amphitheater last night waiting for the ranger talk on, what else? elk), a pine marten, pelicans, blue herons, and sandhill cranes dancing.  There’s a wolf pack that runs in the valley just north of here, so I’m hoping to see them when I have some time, but I’m not in a rush to catch a glimpse of a grizzly.  The guy who got eaten last year met his end on a trail behind my apartment.  Gulp!

I’m so busy writing my talks that I haven’t gotten out much, except to and from the office and then to other spots where my newly acquired cell phone gets a signal. Waiting all these year to capitulate to those stupid things, I got frustrated almost immediately with this putative useful technology when I couldn’t make calls to tie up loose ends back in Virginia. Once you enter purgatory, it changes everything, I suppose.

Today I give my first talk, and just finished putting my ranger badges on my uniform.  Wish me luck!  I’ll write more later and try posting pictures.

Happy Memorial Day! love, Tamara